United Methodists are called to step out of our corner of the world to spread the good news, transform hopelessness into hope, and help God’s children. At Epworth, we participate in many ministries; a¬†highlight¬†includes:
  • Casas por Cristo, building houses for the homeless in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico;
  • Sunset Mentoring Program, mentoring to students from Sunset Elementary School on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons;
  • Thanksgiving Food Baskets, distributing baskets of food to poor families in Carlsbad;
  • Shawl Ministry, creating beautiful shawls to send to the sick, keeping them warm with God’s love;
  • Mission: Carlsbad, repairing homes for the economically disadvantaged and eldery in Carlsbad;
  • Habitat for Humanity, building homes for the poor in Carlsbad;
  • Boy and Girl Scouts Sponsor, providing a positive atmosphere and family to learn and meet in;
  • Relay for Life, fundraising money for cancer research and uplifting cancer patients and survivors;
  • School Supply Drive, collecting school supplies for children of Carlsbad who cannot afford them;
  • Community Soup Kitchen, volunteering time and money to cook food for the poor of Carlsbad;
  • and many more…

    2016 Epworth United Methodist Church.